Augmented Reality Technology

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Sandbox for education, therapy, and entertainment

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What is iSandBOX?


AR technology transforms a simple sandbox into an innovative interactive equipment for education and entertainment.

Augmented Reality

A technology that makes usual things come to life by adding computer-generated sensory input including audio and video simulation.

Interactive Sandbox

iSandBOX consists of a box filled with regular beach sand, a depth sensor and a projector on top that produces interactive images onto the sand. By moving and building the sand, user can create erupting volcanoes, rivers, oceans, mountains.

Interactive Sandbox

Application Areas​


AR sandbox is well-regarded by many kindergartens, schools, psychology and therapy centers and even science museums.


For entertainment activities augmented reality is a more usual term: there are a lot of gaming equipment powered by AR technology.


iSandBOX is a phenomenal tool for presentations because of its visibility and simplicity.


Sandplay is known as a widespread therapeutic method that facilitates the psyche's natural capacity for healing.

How does it work?

  • 1. The depth measurement sensor captures the distance to the sand surface.
  • 2. The received data are then transferred to the computer.
  • 3. The computer processes the data and sends commands to the projector.
  • 4. The projector highlights the sand surface with realistic textures - blue water, red lava from volcanoes, green hills and many other objects, all in one sandbox.
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Select your iSandBOX


Lite version is a miniature box with all necessary hardware and software - easy to use in any occasion and portable. Hang it on the wall or ceiling, and create your own sand reservoir.


Small version includes sand reservoir with projector and depth measurement sensor. Install iSandBOX software on your notebook or computer, plug it in and start creating! Perfect for establishments with limited space.


Mini is a smaller version of Standard - great for groups of up to 6 children.


Our largest version of iSandBOX is ready-to-use equipment for groups of up to 10 children.